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Overview of our events

Past Events

  • Event
  • date 07.12.2022
  • time 16:00
  • location Online webinar

WEBINAR Agro-Logistic Opportunities for Dutch organisations in Colombia

With its 1.139 million kmĀ², Colombia is 27 times the size of the Netherlands, and more than twice the size […]

  • Event
  • date 13.10.2022
  • time 18:00
  • location Online webinar

Free webinar: Decentralization of distribution and manufacturing: new opportunities in Europe

The new opportunities for the market in Europe will be discussed in our meeting. Please join us for this 60-minute, […]

  • Event
  • date 05.05.2022
  • time 12:00
  • location Online webinar

Exporting to Europe

Find the right partner and the right solutions to grow your business in Europe, and turn 2022 into your best […]