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The Netherlands - your aerospace entrance to the world

When it comes down to aerospace logistics The Netherlands is your entrance to the world. As the best connected country world-wide*, we’ll make sure you stay up in the air no matter where you are. It is not without reason Aviall (a Boeing company) has chosen The Netherlands as the location for one of its three spare parts distribution centers.

2nd best connected airport in the world

Centrally located in between the major markets of Europe, with its excellent infrastructure The Netherland has easy and fast access to all European countries not only by air but also by road.  And with Amsterdam being the 2nd best connected airport  in the world**, the rest of the world is within a quick and easy reach.

Aerospace 3PLs

It’s one of the reasons why you’ll find all major aerospace 3PLS in The Netherlands. These 3rd party logistics service providers have profound knowledge of the aerospace industry. And thus can help you optimize every aspect of your supply chain. From IT integration and control tower functionality, to support in customs requirements of other countries and bonded warehousing capabilities.

Service logistics

But it’s not just the presents and service of 3PLs. In The Netherlands extensive collaboration between government, industry and research led to the innovative Dutch Service Logistics solutions. Solutions that enable your organization to improve asset availability and reliability and reduce operational costs through intelligent and optimized forecasting, planning and scheduling of your service chain.

This is crucial in an industry where aircraft are in service longer, resulting in higher maintenance costs and a higher demand for a wider variety of parts.

Pro-business legislation and customs

The Dutch pro-business legislation and customs eases this – completely digitalized – process. Innovative pro-business custom solutions like the Joint Inspection Center at Amsterdam Schiphol airport make freight handling at Schiphol not only safer but also more efficient by enabling different enforcement and inspection authorities to carry out airfreight checks together. Being one of the most ‘wired’ countries in the world with the largest Internet Exchange even your online process goes faster.

The Dutch VAT deferment system meanwhile gives you a considerable cash flow advantage, as there is no VAT payable upon import into the European Union. To be completely VAT compliant you don’t even need to have an entity in Europe, a fiscal representative is sufficient.

Meet us at MRO Europe this October

Want to know more on how The Netherlands can help you optimizing your aerospace supply chain? Please check out our new Aerospace Logistics Proposition The Netherlands <link> and come see us at the MRO Europe, in Amsterdam from October 16-18!

For more info or to set a date during the MRO Europe, please send an email to [email protected].

Ready to fly? Let The Netherlands be your aerospace entrance to the worlds atmosphere.


*Cross border flow of trade, capital, information and people – DHL Global connectedness index 2016

**ACI Europe 2018

Written by

Stan de Caluwe

September 28th 2018