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Blog: Christmas gourmet

Dutch Christmas style

After Sinterklaas leaves The Netherlands on the 6thof December the Dutch immediately move on to the next festivities: Christmas.
Most Christmas trees are set up the first weekend after Sinterklaas and gifts are being bought en masse.

Some people go to church on Christmas eve, the 24thof December. Most people celebrate Christmas on 2 days:

Day 1: Christmas itself is being celebrated on the 25thof December.
Day 2: Boxing Day is being celebrated on the 26thof December.
Both are public holidays.

Most families spend their Christmas days with family, and food plays a very important role. Whilst some go out to eat an extensive meal at restaurants, others -and that is most-  eat at home. When children are involved the activity ‘gourmetting’ is very popular, 38% of families eat this way during Christmas. This is done on a gourmet set at the table with small pots. Everybody gets their own pots and cooks their own food. Including the children. Popular dishes are tiny pieces of meat like burgers, steaks and chicken, with baked potatoes. But also egg dishes and pancakes are popular. Furthermore there are some side dishes like salads, greens, bread and some sauces.

Some families have the ambition of cooking the best meal of the year. And the Dutch go all the way. Every year the advertisements of the big food retailers on TV get better and the supermarkets are filled with specials for the holidays. The biggest risk is that you are cooking something on that very special day for the very first time and it might go wrong. Therefore, Dutch organize rehearsal dinners. Friends are invited to sample the Christmas menu. Those evenings most of the time are so much fun. If you ever get invited to such an event, do not turn it down!

One of the best things around Christmas time for me is the special Christmas bread.
I could not start my day any better than eating this. Here’s my favorite recipe.

Happy holidays!

December 4th 2018