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Blog: Customs

Dutch customs make for a quick and cost-efficient supply chain

You are on the airport, going through customs. And you need to open every. Little. Thing. Result: you miss your connecting flight and thus not only loose time but also money. And this is just you. Can you imagine the impact when that happens when your products are hold up at customs?!

Pro-business customs

Customs matter. To the point that they can make or break your company. Your client can’t wait for fertilizers for their crops or a spare part for their assembly line. Time is money – delay can cause significant damage to your business process. Want to make sure customs work for you and not against you? Want a smooth entrance to the European market? Use The Netherlands as your entry! See in this animation how our customs can ease your supply chain.1

Number one trade facilitator

The Netherlands is the number one trade facilitating country in the world.2 And that all starts even before your goods cross our border. Dutch customs are known for their business supportive, pro-active attitude. We have designated client managers who’ll advice you even before you established your business here or start using The Netherlands as your gateway to Europe! This unique approach makes for a smooth, efficient supply chain where you won’t be surprised at the border and thus be delayed.

In today’s world there are already enough risks and trade barriers. As a renowned trade nation, The Dutch government sees it as vital to work together with trade organizations making the logistic process as efficient as possible. The cooperation of logistic companies, knowledge institutions and the Dutch government is unique.

This integrated approach is why, in 2017, The Pentagon for instance chose The Netherlands to store its F-35 spare parts. It ensured The Pentagon logistic costs kept low, stock optimized and the availability of F-35 devices guaranteed.2

VAT deferment

Trade facilitating also means pro-business tax regulations and payments. The Netherlands scores highest in VAT attractiveness in Europe by a significant margin3 because it is highly digitized, with easy to obtain customs licenses and rulings, VAT deferment and bonded warehouse possibilities.

When you are established in The Netherlands or have a fiscal representative you have the advantage to get VAT deferment with a so-called article 23 license. This allows you to defer the payment of import VAT until the moment of filing the periodical VAT return.

Bonded warehouses

Our bonded warehouses make your supply chain even more efficient and cost-saving. It avoids double duty payment, has less customs interference, gives the possibility of storage for an unlimited period of time and has valued added logistics like assembly. Together with the VAT deferment it results in a significantly better cash flow and lower operation costs for your company.

In conclusion: don’t want to miss your connection? ‘Fly’ to your destination via The Netherlands!


1Customs in The Netherlands – quickly explained

2See press release ‘The Netherlands to Manage F-35 Equipment for Europe’

3Deloitte VAT index 2016

Written by

Stan de Caluwe

May 15th 2018