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Blog: Springtime in The Netherlands


maybe the best time to visit The Netherlands.

When the metrological spring starts on March 21 of each year the Dutch people often have to wait a bit longer before they can actually enjoy spring weather.

Weather is important for the inhabitants of The Netherlands. It is an excellent topic to use as a conversation starter. You can never go wrong with it. We tend to always have our opinion ready about the weather. However, in springtime when the first ray of lights come through and the temperature rises: we are the happiest people on the planet and we just love this type of weather.

So, when spring like weather finally arrives (sometimes early March, sometimes late April), the Dutch get extremely cheerful and will all go outdoors. Terraces appear everywhere, and you could say we go a little bit overboard. We start wearing flip-flops, shorts and will show up in bikini in urban parks when the temperature gets close to 20 degrees.

But oh my, how the Dutch can enjoy this season, and how beautiful The Netherlands is in this time of year. Everywhere the trees start to blossom and color with pink and white flowers. Also, the flowers that The Netherlands are so well known for, the tulips, can be found everywhere. If you are arriving into The Netherlands by plane at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport during daytime you can see tulips beds in all kinds of colors. It will take your breath away.

During your visit to The Netherlands in springtime, make sure you have an extra morning or afternoon to visit Keukenhof. It is only open to visitors for a few weeks, starting 22nd of March and closing on the 13th of May 2018. You will not regret your visit. This entire park is filled with tulips. There are thousands different kinds of tulips. The morning or late afternoon are the best moments to make your photographs.

And when you do have some time to kill, go and sit at one of our terraces at the end of the afternoon. Order yourself a cold drink and have a ‘bitterbal’, and watch how the terraces fill up after working hours. The Dutch like to meet their friends and sit on the terraces for hours discussing and enjoying life.

Springtime, maybe the best time to visit The Netherlands.

June 5th 2018