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Fresh Flower Supply Chain and Global Flower Hub

Series Webinars: The Netherlands Connects

  • date 05.11.2021
  • time 09:00
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The demand for fresh flowers and plants in the global market is growing significantly and is expected to grow by 50% in the next decade, with the greatest growth potential in Asia. In the case of China, the flower industry has reached a turnover of around 22 billion euros in 2016, contributing about 30% of the logistics revenue and is still developing rapidly. In addition, flower e-commerce is the highlight, which is reflected in a turnover of more than 2.7billion euros in 2020.

The Netherlands, on the other side of the continent, is well-known as a leading player in flower producing and exporting. The country’s horticulture industry accounts for 42% of its total agricultural output, and the annual export value of fresh-cut flowers is about 3 billion euros. What’s worth mentioning is that 70% of the world’s flower exports is from the Netherlands. However, the logistics is widely considered as the bottleneck of the fresh flower industry. Concretely, the loss of flowers by air had reached 30% or even more in the past. The industry is looking forward to the development of flower cold chains towards higher quality. While the current demand for flowers in the market is increasing, consumers’ consumption preferences in flowers are also more variable. They expect superior quality, creative shopping  environments, efficient distribution and so on, all of which put stricker requirements on the effective operation of the whole supply chain.

In order for the two giants of the flower industry, China and the Netherlands, to join forces and complement each other’s strengths, direct dialogue and communication between the two sides is essential. Therefore, we are going to hold an online seminar with the theme of “Flower Supply Chain and Global Flower Center” to seek more innovative solutions for the flower cold chain.

Opening speech and introduction by moderator

Flower cooling technology, by CEO Hans Juursema, Weber Cooling

Difference and opportunities in cold chain logistics China, by Robin de Vos, General Manager Holex Flower Trading Shanghai

09.45 -10:05
The current situation and trends of integrated flower supply chain in China, Changsheng Chu, Senior Manager of Solution Executive, Cold Chain Pharmaceutical Business Department, Jingdong Logistics Group

Moderated discussion among studio guests

Recap and forecast for the next webinar

Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Chongqing
Holland International Distribution Council

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Shirley Yan - Chinese contact HIDC

Shirley Yan

Senior Manager Supply Chain Solutions China

Sinds 17 februari 2020 werk ik voor NDL/HIDC als Senior Manager Supply Chain Solutions China.

Mijn kennis van de logistieke sector en mijn ervaring met het werven van buitenlandse investeerders heb ik opgedaan bij DE WISEN Consulting BV en Rotterdam Commercial Representative Office.

Ik woon in Chongqing (China) en zal van daaruit NDL/HIDC ondersteunen bij de ontwikkeling en opvolging van Chinese projecten.