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Mission to Atlanta and New York

From April 9 to April 20, Stan de Caluwe will visit Atlanta and New York. He will attend the Georgia Logistics Summit, where he will participate in the ‘Beyond Borders’ panel together with the Metro Atlanta Chamber. Atlanta and the Netherlands signed a memorandum of understanding in 2017, acknowledging their role as gateways to the U.S. and Europe, respectively. On this panel, the alliance between and strengths of both regions will be highlighted for an audience of international logistics professionals.

On April 16 and 17, Stan will be in New York to meet with partners and speak at an event organized in conjunction with Deloitte and NFIA New York on lifestyle logistics and Brexit. Finally, Stan will return to Atlanta for the Home Delivery World conference on April 18 and 19. Please contact Stan de Caluwe <link to e-mail address>, if you would like to connect during these trips or attend one of the events.

March 1st 2018

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