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On a Mission: Promoting the Netherlands in the UK

Exploring Logistics Opportunities with NDL

From June 3 to June 7, Karin Rancuret, representing NDL, visited the United Kingdom to engage with exporting companies about establishing their European logistics operations in or through the Netherlands. During her visit, she also met with several network organisations to discuss NDL’s services and explore potential collaborations.

Despite the post-Brexit challenges, there is significant interest in finding efficient solutions to serve the EU market. Many companies, for whom the EU was previously one of the largest markets, experienced a significant drop in their competitive edge after Brexit. The increased customs formalities, administrative burdens, and associated costs led many of these businesses to temporarily scale back their EU operations. However, now that “the Brexit dust has settled,” there is a renewed interest in tapping into growth opportunities within the EU. As a result, many companies are considering holding inventory within the EU to enhance their market presence.

In these situations, NDL can assist by connecting these businesses with our members, including logistics service providers, those offering fiscal and customs representation or other parties.

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June 12th 2024

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Karin Rancuret

Senior Manager Supply Chain Solutions

Sinds februari 2023 ben ik, na iets meer dan 10 jaar weggeweest te zijn, weer begonnen bij NDL.

In 2001 begon ik voor NDL als projectmanager op de Azië desk, om vervolgens vanaf 2007 NDL te vertegenwoordigen in Azië vanuit ons kantoor in Hong Kong. De afgelopen jaren heb ik als Head of Inward Investment gewerkt voor het Britse Departement for International Trade in Hong Kong, waar ik vooral veel gewerkt heb met grote investeerders in vastgoed en infrastructuur.

Binnen NDL zal ik me onder andere gaan richten op het aantrekken van logistieke activiteiten vanuit de VS en Europa.

Heb je vragen over NDL of wil je weten wat wij voor jou kunnen betekenen, neem dan gerust contact met mij op via telefoon of e-mail.