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Blog: The USA and The Netherlands: a strategic logistics alliance


Trade wars threatening and happening, getting your products to your international customers in a fast and reliable way is not getting any easier. Looking for a new, strong and reliable supply chain? The Netherlands is your partner.

Historically one of the most loyal partners
Doing business on the international market is becoming increasingly challenging. Key to keep an efficient supply chain in this, is a reliable partner. Like the Netherlands, who has (historically) always been one of America’s most loyal partners. However small, this strategic European country is one of the biggest investors in the USA1,2. With its strategic position in West-Europe in between the UK, Germany and France, The Netherlands is the gateway to Europe and beyond.

It has the most extensive infrastructure in Europe, which guarantees you the best connection to Europe’s hinterland. The Netherlands also has the highest concentration of 3PL’s. The wide variety of our 3PL industry combined with our resourceful and innovative approach in logistics, make sure you get the most efficient supply chain, whatever industry you are in or whatever logistic challenge you have. So, whether you are in the Lifestyle, Aerospace, High-tech or Life Sciences and Health industry, the Netherlands is your gateway to Europe. Known for our multilingual workforce, you’re guaranteed we speak not only your language, but that of your market as well.

Substantially better cash flow
The Netherlands is known for its business supportive climate: customs licenses and upfront rulings are easier to obtain than in other EU countries. The whole customs process being digitized, it speeds up your supply chain considerably. While VAT deferment and bonded warehousing give you a substantially better cash flow.

What the HIDC can mean for you
The Holland International Distribution Council brings together all logistics parties, and thus expertise, in The Netherlands. And therefore, can help you find the perfect match and thus solution for your supply chain into Europe.

With a wide variety of our members, we will attend the upcoming CSCMP Conference in Anaheim, California September 15-18. After the conference HIDC organizes a three day program in LA, Silicon Valley and San Francisco. The program will cover a wide variety of activities, including visits to the Port of LA, LAX and San Bernardino. It also gives you the opportunity to learn about the latest supply chain innovations in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. During the three-day event there will be several networking sessions you can attend in LA as well as at the Dutch Consulate in San Francisco.

Find the exact details of our events around the CSCMP Conference at our website. Want to meet us and our members and know how we can help you set up the most efficient supply chain to Europe? Please send an e-mail to Jelle de Rooij.

Need a reliable international trading partner to get the most efficient supply chain to Europe? Whether you want to optimize your current supply chain, need to redirect it due to trading restrictions or even set up a complete new one: the Netherlands is your gateway to Europe.



June 18th 2019

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