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Blog: The Netherlands – India’s ideal gateway to Europe


The best customer service for European consumers starts in The Netherlands

Looking to expand your business? Europe is the place to go. The size of the consumer market and its purchasing power are a recipe for success. And with The Netherlands as your gateway, you’ll find yourself a likeminded partner with a pro-business and consumer driven approach.

Market with high purchasing power
Europe offers you 244 million customers within a 600 miles reach. It is a continent known for its high purchasing power and thus an interesting market to expand to. The three main consumer markets in Europe are France, Germany and the UK, good for 170 million European consumers. All within just a few hours reach from The Netherlands, who is centrally located in between.
When using The Netherlands as your gateway you have an extensive and excellent infrastructure to your disposal, with the highest density of specialized LSP’s, Europe’s largest seaport Rotterdam and Amsterdam-Schiphol airport with the highest direct-connectivity in the world.
From The Netherlands the majority of European countries can be reached within 1 to 3 days by regular road transport and parcel networks. And with express networks even next/same day delivery is possible for a big part of Europe. The late order cut-off times (9:00 PM) compared to Germany (12:00 PM) and the UK (4:00 PM) fulfil customer demands for short lead times, on-time delivery and low transport costs.

Likeminded service approach
India is known for service driven solutions. The Netherlands with its consumer driven supply chains, is therefore a perfect match. Your international business is supported by our pro-business regulations (in which we score highest in mainland Europe). The high service level with upfront rulings, VAT deferment and bonded warehouses possibilities make for a fast and smooth entry in and quick transshipment throughout Europe.
It is not without reason that the large rice producing company LT foods set up its first European operations in The Netherlands. And the 12 largest Agrifood companies have major production or R&D sites here. But we are also one of the hub’s for life sciences and health, and Europe’s main hub for electronics.

Brexit = 2nd supply chain for European mainland
Do you already have a European supply chain? With an EDC in the UK? The upcoming Brexit can be of influence of your ideal EDC location. When you have to relocate or set up a 2nd supply chain serving the European mainland, it is good to know that The Netherlands not only provides that fast and smooth entry into the European market, you also don’t have to worry about a language barrier: the Dutch workforce is well-known for being multilingual – good communication and thus service is guaranteed.

Want to expand your business? To a large market you know scores high in purchasing power? Looking for a likeminded partner who excels in service driven solutions like you? The Netherlands is your gateway to Europe.

November 21st 2019

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