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Blog: The Netherlands and South-Korea: a successful cooperation – in more than soccer


As one of our biggest trading partners, it is not only in soccer The Netherlands and South-Korea have an outstanding relationship. Both countries have the same quick and to the point business mentality and focus on smart and connected technology, which results in better planning, lower costs and higher efficiency.

Connectivity = efficiency
It is part of the reason why recently South-Koreas port city Busan decided to invest €26 million in a distribution center of 30.000 m2 on a 5-hectare site in the port of Rotterdam – Europe’s largest trade port and gateway. For South-Korean logistic service providers (LSPs) this means not only a soft landing but also an easy entry into Europe’s consumer market. The close collaboration between the Dutch and Korean port authorities makes mutual trade much more efficient.

First and last port of call
When using The Netherlands as your gateway you not only benefit from the central location between Europe’s biggest consumer markets France, Germany and the UK. Rotterdam is the first and last port of call for Europe with multi-modal hinterland solutions guaranteeing the quickest route throughout Europe: most of Europe can be reached within 24 hours! This is supported by the pro-business climate and highly digitized and flexible customs in The Netherlands with upfront ruling, VAT deferment and bonded warehouse possibilities.

Digital connectivity
A major player in the production of cutting-edge technology and one of the largest importers of consumer electronics, The Netherlands is an important high-tech gateway to Europe and the rest of the world. And the same goes for the life sciences industry for which the Netherlands is the number 1 hub.

These high-end industries call for high-end connected supply chains. Both the Netherlands as well as South-Korea realize this importance and are at the forefront of this. The port of Rotterdam is a leading example when it comes to a ported community. It’s Portbase – the biggest in Europe with over 90 million users – offers a digital connectivity between the service provider and all other participants in the supply chain. This neutral ‘hub’ results in better planning, lower costs and a higher efficiency.

Straight-forward business
Like South-Koreans, the Dutch do business quick and straight-forward. Thanks to our centuries old trading history, we know how to serve our customers best – with flexible, quick and thus efficient solutions. Just like our soccer. With one difference: in logistics this results in significantly lower costs ;). It is why South-Korean companies like Samsung, Pantos Logistics, Hyundai, Unico Logistic and LG set up their European HQ or EDC in The Netherlands.

Want to expand your European consumer market? With the help of a partner who not only scores highest in logistic performance, but also has centuries of trading experience and who ‘speaks’ the same business language – quick and to the point? Partner with the Netherlands, like soccer, it is the gateway to success.

December 18th 2019

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