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NDL/HIDC visits the Home Delivery World in Philadelphia

NDL/HIDC visits the Home Delivery World in Philadelphia

E-commerce continues to grow. That is why Ingrid has visited the Home Delivery World (HDW) in Philadelphia on behalf of NDL/HIDC. The HDW is a major event (2,500 visitors / 300 speakers) that focuses entirely on innovation in e-fulfillment. Think of software solutions that become more detailed and flexible and that allow the consumer to determine the delivery location and -time last-minute. Also consider topics such as drone delivery and uber-like solutions for containers. Also striking was the large number of companies that offer a digital platform where consumers or smaller companies can sell products themselves.

Via the online channels it is becoming increasingly easier for American and Canadian companies to reach consumers in Europe. Once they have made the decision to sell in Europe, the need to set up a good supply chain follows soon. Ingrid has spoken with American and Canadian shippers who are about to start selling their products in Europe or want to discuss the next phase of their European supply chain. NDL/HIDC will do everything to interest these companies in the Netherlands.

In Philadelphia it was announced that the first European Home Delivery World will be organized in March 2020 in Amsterdam. We are investigating the possibilities for a joint stand. Interested? Let us know: [email protected] or [email protected]

May 15th 2019

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