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Holland Logistics Library

Successful promotion reinforces The Netherlands as global logistics player

The Holland Logistics Library is a widely supported initiative of the Logistics Platform for Foreign Promotion, supported by the Top Sector Logistics and financed by Central Government. The Holland Logistics Library is well-organized, user-friendly and up-to-date. Freely accessible for anyone promoting The Netherlands abroad, including the sectors which depend on good logistics for their success.

Successful promotion reinforces The Netherlands as global logistics player
The Netherlands remains particularly attractive as a business location for foreign companies and organisations. Already for many years our business climate is considered to be exceptionally good; in the area of rules on customs provisions as well as in the area of taxes, energy, labour and general provisions. Comparing these factors to other developed European countries, The Netherlands leads the way.

New international logistics proposition
What makes The Netherlands such an attractive location to relocate? To name a few: central location in Europe, proximity to the European market, The Netherlands as a trading nation, excellent accessibility and infrastructure, advanced communication networks, available talent. But above all: the number 1 position as logistics hub. The specific knowledge in the area of logistic innovations makes us a global player on the highest level, which is unanimously respected as a result of using the well-known promotion platform Holland Logistics Library. The Library is the national information base promoting our message globally with sector specific propositions. Using the film Holland Knows The Way as well as the new international logistics propositions has firmly established The Netherlands abroad. At the same time, the persuasiveness of the Library toward foreign interest and the comprehensive information provision play an essential role in establishing The Netherlands as a business location in the European market.

Opportunities for Dutch logistic organisations
In the fourth year we continue to see the enthusiasm for the Library grow. There is an increasing number of visitors and more registered users benefiting daily from this treasury filled with specialised information. Furthermore, anyone active in the Logistics Sector can contribute free of charge. The Library likes to share all valuable input with the international logistics community; because the platform does not only function as an instrument to promote Holland Logistics, but it is also regularly consulted by interested parties abroad as a valuable information tool, which was to be expected, because Holland Knows The Way.

Becoming a registered user
The Library is still free of charge for visitors of Ease of use is reflected in the breakdown into two components: one for attracting investments and flows of goods and one for promoting specific Dutch knowledge, skills and innovations in the area of logistics. Furthermore, interested parties can register as user of the Library, after which they will receive the monthly newsletter with interesting facts, as well as an overview of recent additions. Thus, anyone with a business interest in logistic issues is kept fully informed of what is going on at home and abroad.

And still …. Holland knows the way
The central focus in the Library is any up-to-date information about the Holland Logistics Sector; information provided by the platform to anyone representing Holland Logistics abroad. The video Holland Knows The Way gives a general impression about the Dutch logistic proposition, and has already proven to be invaluable as an informative promotional tool during presentations of our country as Gateway to Europe.

With this video representatives from a number of sectors of BV Nederland have a strong tool to leave a lasting impression. In view of further growth, Holland Knows The Way is now available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Content Management
A broad and up-to-date platform like the Library needs care and attention in order to remain successful. Therefore, the content- and community manager takes care of daily maintenance of engineering, content and questions about our platform and contact possibilities. Please let us know if you have ideas to further enrich the Holland Logistics Library. We are looking forward to get in contact with you through:

“The Holland Logistics Library is easy to work with and offers a great variety of materials. I personally experienced this when preparing my keynote for the annual congress of the Turkish (International) Transporters Covenant. With the textual and visual input of the Library, the success of the Holland Logistics Sector can be clearly and immediately endorsed. For me, the input was very helpful in preparing this presentation. I strongly advise others to take a look at the Holland Logistics Library both for personal interest or promotion of the Holland Logistics Sector. ” – Bart van Bolhuis,

Dutch Consul-General in Istanbul

Developed Logistics Knowledge
Entrepreneurial Holland has the ambition to achieve a lasting international leading position in logistics; in handling flows of goods and as chain director of (inter)national logistic activities, as well as an attractive innovation and location climate for shipping and logistics businesses. Within the Top Sector Logistics the action line Foreign Promotion is working towards attracting foreign logistics activities to The Netherlands and towards export of developed logistics expertise abroad. To this end Government, knowledge institutes and industry work together in developing specific propositions for logistics in specific sectors and thematic areas.

Smart Logistics Hub
In the preceding period the groundwork has been laid for improving promotion of The Netherlands as important smart logistics hub in the global scene. Work has been ongoing on amongst others: basic propositions and cross-over-propositions for acquisitions of investments and cargo flow; export monitor for insight in size and origin of logistics earning capacity; alumni-networks and Living Labs as an instrument to further explore and develop our logistic expertise with foreign parties; and finally the Holland Logistics Library as digital promotional kit for Holland Logistics.

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November 21st 2019

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