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Opportunities for sustainable warehousing space

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Even when the availability of space for new logistics sites is limited, there are opportunities in redeveloping or repurposing existing sites.

DHG is consistently seeking new development opportunities, often focusing on brownfield (redevelopment) sites where there is sufficient power supply and minimal nitrogen constraints.

Redeveloping brownfield sites is embedded in DHG’s DNA: from acquisition, demolition, and soil remediation to the development of sustainable warehouses, DHG manages the entire process. DHG has an ambitious plan to realize no less than 700,000 sqm of logistics distribution centres in the coming period. These centres meet the highest standards of sustainability and efficiency, contributing to a green future for the logistics sector.

DHG’s distribution centres are developed according to the proven SMARTLOG concept, where modern warehouses meet the latest standards in quality, sustainability, BREEAM certification, and well-being. But they go beyond that: DHG also assists its tenants with their investments, such as the outfitting of their warehouses. Additionally, they connect potential customers with their tenants, which has helped several logistics companies achieve their growth and sustainability ambitions.

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DHG continues to advance the market by developing high-quality and sustainable SMARTLOG warehouses in the Netherlands, in collaboration with their energy company, DHG TwoZero. Thanks to DHG TwoZero, they can supply solar energy directly to our tenants. The energy not used is fed back into the grid, contributing locally to a sustainable future for the region. Furthermore, we use large batteries at various locations to store energy, a sustainable way to circumvent grid congestion and be prepared for the future electrification of trucks.

Here are some of DHG’s specific developments, where the land is owned by DHG and they are already in the construction or permitting phase:

  • Zaandam: 25,000+ sqm
  • Rotterdam (various locations): over 100,000 sqm
  • Hellevoetsluis: over 52,000 sqm
  • Lelystad: 160,000 sqm
  • Heerenveen: 44,000 sqm
  • Vlissingen: 82,000 sqm
  • Oss: 70,000 sqm
  • Amsterdam Schiphol region: 44,000 sqm
  • Roosendaal: over 30,000 sqm

Some of these developments, such as in Vlissingen, are also being prepared for the storage of lithium-ion batteries.

DHG controls the entire chain investing in real estate and develop high-quality real estate projects in the sectors of logistics, port locations, business spaces, and a small portion of office buildings. They own locations throughout the Netherlands and manage everything themselves, from land acquisition and redevelopment sites to leasing, management, and maintenance. If interested, it is sometimes possible for DHG, through DHG Participations, to take part in (logistics) companies through financing and knowledge sharing. Their properties remain in their portfolio, ensuring that tenants have direct 1-on-1 contact with DHG throughout the entire lease period, without the involvement of third parties. With a team of 20 professionals, DHG is can guarantee their customers’ satisfaction.


Curious about what DHG does and how they shape the future? Visit their website or contact their team directly for more information.

June 25th 2024

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