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The Netherlands: the perfect hub for aerospace parts


Best logistics solutions for Aerospace
All major aerospace 3PLs located in The Netherlands
Excellent connectivity to Europe and the world
The Netherlands is home to the best sea and airport facilities
World class fiscal and business environment
High quality at competitive cost and a faster process
Service logistics knowledge and innovation
The Dutch 4.7 Billion Euro aerospace industry employs 18,000 people

Ready to fly? Let The Netherlands be your aerospace entrance to the worlds atmosphere.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the 2nd best connected airport in the world

ACI Europe 2019

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The Netherlands has successfully bid for one of the most complex supply chains in the world: The F-35 spare parts supply chain. For the next decades, the Dutch logistics sector will be responsible for the continued operation of 400+ F-35 fighter jets across the globe by organizing spare parts warehousing, transport management, control tower and all import and export licensing.

Best performer

This is no coincidence: The Netherlands host a wide variety of logistics service providers that specialize in aerospace parts warehousing and forwarding. Globally, Schiphol Airport ranks second in highest number of direct connections, making it one of the world’s major air hubs for aerospace parts.

Combine this with the facts:

  • that the Netherlands is the best overall performer in trade facilitation according to the UN, due to the pro-business attitude of customs, whose cooperative and predictable organization benefits time critical goods such as replacement spare parts for the aerospace industry;
  • on the DHL Global Connectedness Index – which measures cross-border flows of trade, capital, information and people, the Netherlands has been number 1 since 2005;
  • our quality of air transportation and seaport facilities is voted best in Europe (2016),

and there really is no need to look any further for your logistics partner in aerospace

Waiting is not an option

Quality and speed matters in this industry. A grounded plane, waiting for a replacement part, could cost an airline up to 100,000 dollars a day. Storage and on time delivery of these highly specialized parts is therefore one of the biggest challenges in worldwide logistics: the right part, in the right time, at the right place. This is where we excel.

Major hub

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a major hub for aerospace parts. It hosts 31 freighter airlines and over 3000 aerospace related companies. From Schiphol Airport there are 122 destinations within a flight time of less than three hours. Within a 300-kilometer (180 miles) radius the Netherlands offers easy access to Schiphol Airport, the Port of Rotterdam, the Port of Antwerp, the UPS and TNT/FedEx air hubs and the entire European mainland, where most countries can be reached within 2 of 3 days using regular road transport. Maintenance, repair and operations account for 44% of the Dutch aerospace market, manufacturing for 26% and logistics and services for 30%.

Joint Inspection Centre
Your fast and effective supply chain is supported by the Dutch’ excellent fiscal and business environment. The Joint Inspection Centre at Schiphol makes freight handling at Schiphol more efficient by enabling various inspection authorities to carry out their airfreight checks together. This way regulation enforcement is balanced with the facilitation of trade.

The Netherlands has more than 100 years of aviation history. Our knowledge of aviation combined with our service based logistic knowledge, innovation and facilities, makes us the best place to successfully ‘lift off’ your business into Europe.

Having access to excellent logistics service providers is crucial in an industry where aircraft are in service longer, resulting in higher maintenance costs and a higher demand for a wider variety of parts.