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Testimonial 311 Travel

311 Travel offers a unique travel solution securing a secondary piece of luggage while staying organized on the go.

311 Travel is excited to expand into the European market place with their Patent pending Travel Bag Buddy. They see the return of air travel happening first domestically and then to neighboring countries. The EU is a great fit for us with the large number of countries it contains says Manny Katz, co-founder.

311 Travel has eyed to set-up a distribution center for the European market to support further growth. A solution in mainland Europe, the Netherlands, was preferred in order to have a flexible and expandable business model for the European market. 311 Travel approached HIDC through their website.

After an initial call and filling out a questionnaire outlining the logistics plans of 311 Travel HIDC introduced several of their members that could very well match the requirements. Based on intensive exchanges with these logistics service providers Montapacking was chosen to run the operation. Montapacking provided direct API connections to our e-commerce platform along with the pricing needed to succeed and grow in the European market.

“The HIDC service was easy to use, found us actionable solutions and provided a high level of customer care. We will continue to use them in the future and highly recommend them to any business looking to establish themselves in the EU”, says Manny Katz.

October 15th 2020

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