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Foxmere Technologies


Foxmere Technologies sells industrial automation parts to the world. This can range from anything from a low-voltage relay to a full CNC system, PLC system, HMIs, etc.

Foxmere is a UK based company. With Brexit nearing the continuity of their global supply chain is of vital importance to the Foxmere business model. Foxmere has around 55% of exports to countries all around the world including many in the EU.

Foxmere was seeking to open a forwarding office in the Netherlands to offset and prevent shipping delays and unwanted taxation for items that are going back into the European Union. High quality and speedy deliveries of their mission critical parts needs to be guaranteed after January 1st 2021.

With this objective in mind Foxmere reached out to the Department of International Trade (DIT) of the British government. They in turn reached out to the Holland International Distribution Council (HIDC).

HIDC provides matchmaking services for logistics solutions. After an initial phone call, Foxmere filled out a logistics questionnaire outlining the requirements of the operation. Based on this input HIDC proposed three potential partners.

After several exchanges with the potential suppliers Aramex was chosen to run the operation as per December 1st 2020.


Foxmere Technologies decided to use Aramex because of its excellent portfolio of experience in its sector. Additionally, the staff at Aramex were very transparent and effective with their communications allowing for business to move freely and efficiently.


The HIDC were incredibly helpful too. Jelle from HIDC provided direct advice and clear correspondence and Foxmere would not have known which direction to turn without help from Jelle and the HIDC.


Overall, it was a prompt and effortless transaction and the entire process was complete in just three months.


What’s more, the team at Foxmere Technologies are very happy with the service they received and are very happy that they have made the right decision and are working in the right country and with the right people.

November 20th 2020

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