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Testimonial GRYPHON

GRYPHON has been in the game since 1983. Since its origin GRYPHON has been influential in the progression of hockey stick manufacturing. ​Based on years of experience they create unique sticks lay-up, design moulds and shapes in accordance with the evolution of the game and develop gear to protect and enhance all players alike. Since inception GRYPHON has its headquarters in Perth, Western Australia. Fast-forward over 35 years and the brand is still pushing the limits in a dynamic global market, proudly displaying its Australian heritage.

With a desire to expand their (e-commerce) activities to Europe, GRYPHON was introduced to the Holland International Distribution Council (HIDC) by the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency in Singapore. HIDC was asked to help find a logistics partner that could add value in the B2C field, in addition to their more established B2B business, in order to grow overall sales across the European market. In May 2020 HIDC and GRYPHON started discussing steps to find a suitable 3PL.

Based on the requirements from GRYPHON, HIDC suggested five logistics partners with a strong focus on e-fulfilment solutions. Besides this introductions were made to fully understand the benefits of a fiscal representation set up.

Jonathon Petterson (Managing Director) states that “by partnering with a service provider in the Netherlands, GRYPHON is able to reduce time and complexity for shipments to customers throughout Europe. From large distributors to small retailers to individual consumers, the Netherlands offers a quick and cost effective service that helps GRYPHON and our customers alike.”

“SILS logistics was chosen based on their comprehensive service model and market competitive cost structure which they put together on short notice. They truly understand our need to have product to consumers quickly and accurately and we are now in the process of building an extension into their ecommerce offering that suited GRYPHON very well. In addition Briddge Legal and Finance offered good insights in available VAT benefits and was also selected to provide additional support to our business in Europe.”

“Despite Covid challenges HIDC relentlessly worked alongside providing clear and reliable information on potential supply chain solutions and company set up. Unfortunately travel restrictions did not allow us to visit Europe, but we still made good progress with the service providers introduced by HIDC. In fairness; all service providers made a professional impression. HIDC’s matching & support services are so efficient that we would thoroughly recommend them to anybody looking at expanding into Europe”.

GRYPHON’s journey started in the late 1970’s with Peter Haselhurst a young Australian Hockey player, keen surfer and tertiary physics student frustrated by his Hockey sticks continually breaking. Peter decided to experiment with fibreglass and resin systems to repair hockey sticks finding not only that the repaired sticks lasted longer but also were much stiffer so they were better to play with.

As the budding entrepreneur, Peter was making money by fixing sticks and on-selling re-engineered sticks to players in the local Perth league with a spray-painted stenciled “GRYPHON” as a signature for his work. In the early 1980’s Peter formally co-founded with teammate Richard Charlesworth, the company and brand GRYPHON with the sale of a car for working capital, a journey was undertaken to Pakistan to set in motion the business of having manufacturers make sticks the GRYPHON way.

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August 5th 2021

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