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Investment Climate

Successful businesses invest in Holland, gateway to Europe


Central location within the European
Reach 244 million consumers within 1000 kilometers
First-class infrastructure
Our world-class airport, top-ranked seaports and high-speed road, rail and broadband networks are second to none
The Dutch are fluent in English
Some 90% of Dutch speak English — the language of business worldwide — and many people are multilingual
Favorable business climate
Cost efficient logistics operations
We roll out the orange carpet
Holland International Distribution Council offers free, confidential services to make your entry to Europe as smooth as it can be

Grow your European business successfully by investing in The Netherlands

The Netherlands stands out as the best overall performer in trade facilitation among 119 countries


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Want to successfully grow your business? Invest in The Netherlands! The proximity to major consumption centers and high-quality workforce, the superior infrastructure and attractive corporate tax structures make The Netherlands the place to successfully access the European gateway.

Wonder what the attractiveness of the investment climate in The Netherlands is? When you invest in Europe, you should invest in The Netherlands. Our economic overview shows that the combination of the excellent infrastructure in The Netherlands, the multilingual high-quality workforce in Holland, its competitive costs and favorable taxes make of The Netherlands the best place to invest in logistics.

Easy access by air, sea, rail and road

Why is having real estate in Holland so much more attractive to having real estate elsewhere in Europe? The Netherlands is centrally located between Europe’s largest markets Germany, France and UK. With the excellent and intensive infrastructure by road, rail, air and water The Netherlands guarantees your business quick and easy access to Europe’s hinterland.

Experienced Logistics specialist

In competitor comparison, The Netherlands stands out. We are number one in infrastructure, language skills, connectivity, skilled labour and transportation. Making us the logistics specialist in Europe. We are also in the top rank when it comes to innovation, international experience, quality of life and investment promotion.

Favorable business climate and taxes

The Dutch favorable business climate and taxes, like VAT deferment, guarantee a positive investment climate for your multinational business. The wide tax treaty network, special measures for expats and certainty in advance of future tax positions will help your multinational business to thrive in the Netherlands.

Highly Skilled and Multilingual Workforce

Netherlands demographics shows Holland not only has the highest percentage of labor force as percentage of the population in Europe but the Dutch workforce also outranks many of its competitors when it comes to productivity, largely as a result of Holland’s high standard of education and training and pragmatic labor laws and commitment to IT investment.

Invest in your business. Invest in Holland.




We are number one in infrastructure, language skills, connectivity, skilled labour and transportation. Making us the logistics specialist in Europe.