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United Kingdom

The Netherlands: your gateway to the EU after Brexit


No more worries about lead time complications!
Thanks to the central location of The Netherlands you will reach 244 million consumers within 1000 kilometers
First-class infrastructure
Our world-class airport, top-ranked seaports and high-speed road, rail and broadband networks are second to none
The Dutch are fluent in English
Some 90% of Dutch speak English — the language of business worldwide — and many people are multilingual
Favorable business climate
Efficient and cost-effective customs service: flexible approach, facilitating trade, highly digitize
We roll out the orange carpet
Holland International Distribution Council offers free, confidential services to make your entry to Europe as smooth as it can be

The Netherlands, your partner to successful logistics

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Choose the Netherlands after Brexit

The easiest access to Europe’s consumer market is The Netherlands. Do you have a strong market in both the UK as on mainland Europe? Then this is the moment to review and renew your supply chain. To do this successfully we should talk and cooperate with one another. Help each other be Brexit proof by creating the most effective EU supply chain to and from both the UK market as the market on the European mainland. Brexit is a challenge, but also a great opportunity!

Brexit solutions and Brexit opportunities

After Brexit, your market in the UK and on the European mainland will be two separate markets. Two markets mean two separate supply chains. And whether you just have to review your current supply chain or know you have to set up a whole new supply chain, it takes time to find the right partner. So, when you haven’t already, you should broaden your horizon and talk, talk, talk. Brexit is the opportunity to look for new partnerships to create the most effective supply chain and thus strengthen your business. So that after Brexit your business doesn’t only maintain strong but will even grow!

Most of Europe within 24 hours reach

Most European destinations can be reached within 24 hours! Thanks to the most connected airport Amsterdam-Schiphol and large sea ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Which are supported by a great infrastructure on water, by road and rail, with an excellent connection to the hinterland. Doing business abroad has never been more effective or easier.

Favorable business climate, and multilingual.

Good news: finding a partner for your European supply chain that is a cultural match language wise, doesn’t stop at the border of the UK! Just across the pond lies the gateway to Europe: The Netherlands. Only approximately 192 miles long and 130 miles wide The Netherlands is also known as ‘the village of Europe’*. Where distance is relative, everybody knows each other, and the lines of communication are short (even abroad with the average Dutch speaking three to four languages!).

Free consult: We match and help set up a cost efficient supply chain

The uniquely organized logistics sector provides you the gateway to Europe. Whether it’s for petrochemical or e-commerce, need help with warehousing, want a legal representative or are looking for a developer. On a surface of only 26413.247 square miles we have it all.

Easy and smooth access to the European market? Team up with The Netherlands, your European gateway!