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Brexit update for Japanese companies

With only two months left until the end of the transition period, the EU and the UK have yet to reach a deal. Many aspects therefore remain uncertain about the relationship between the EU and the UK after the transition period expires at the end of this year. Despite the uncertainties, specific matters need to be resolved by companies now to prepare for the situation from 01-01-2021. On November 5th the NFIA Japan and NDL organized a Brexit webinar.

With over 400 registrations, Brexit appears to be a hot topic in Japan as well. During the webinar speakers from NFIA, HIDC, Grant Thornton and Nicodem & Company elaborated on the current circumstances surrounding Brexit, the strengths of the Dutch logistics sector, the impact of Brexit on the EU/UK supply chain and the implications for VAT and Customs procedures. Did you miss the webinar? Watch the recording here.




Grant Thornton

Nicodem & Company

November 20th 2020

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