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Webinar ‘Data Driven Logistics’

On December 16th HIDC organized the webinar ‘Data Driven Logistics’.

What does it mean? Which developments do we see in this area? What are practical examples? How does the future look like? During this online session these questions and many more were addressed by Theodoor Torn, Business Unit Manager Transport, Logistics & Retail NL at Ortec, Pinak Deshmane, Director Analytics at 3SC Analytics and Pepijn Kip, Researcher at Bit.

After these insights it is very clear that making use of data driven models is at the core of business improvements. With ever more data becoming available it is of utmost importance for businesses to start making plans how to benefit from these opportunities when not already initiated.

Missed it? Please click here to see the webinar.

Presentation Theodoor Torn, Ortec

Presentation Pinak Deshmane, 3SC Analytics

Presentation Pepijn Kip, BIT

December 18th 2020

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