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Testimonial Yummy Earth Inc.

Yummy Earth selected the Netherlands as the base for EMEA operations

Xavier de Lame, VP International.  In 2007, Yummy Earth Inc.: “YumEarth was just two dads on a mission to bring something sweet and simple into the world. We came up with organic candy (lollipops, fruit snacks, sour beans, fruit licorice, etc.). In ten years our little mission has expanded continuously. The larger our business grows, the harder we try to use fair trade ingredients, provide the best value for fans, and develop delicious new products based as much on our own principles as on customer feedback.”

Yummy Earth Inc. EMEA office is managed from Spain. Countries served from the Amsterdam warehouse include all European destinations, Russia, Israel, Lebanon, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. In the future Yummy Earth Inc. will also export partially to Asia from Europe.

de Lame: “We selected the Netherlands as the base for our EMEA operations for several reasons. First, the geographic location makes it easy for all countries to fetch the products. The VAT deferment is another major benefit from our perspective. Besides, we source products from Mexico, which has a weekly direct and competitive connection with Rotterdam, where the shipyard workers never go on strike! Finally, we are very happy with the flexible and supportive disposition of the Dutch authorities.”

Yummy Earth Inc. has teamed up with ALC Warehousing B.V. de Lame: “We really enjoy working with ALC. We opted for them primarily because their automated system enables us to process orders in 24 hours with minimal red tape. The system is also convenient and easy to use. We especially appreciate that ALC is strongly proactive and aims to serve.”

de Lame is delighted with NDL as well: “The NDL is fantastic and amazing. All countries should have an organization like the NDL. The team is excellent and wonderfully supportive. They make operating here very easy.”

December 14th 2018

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