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Testimonial Yusen Logistics

Yusen Logistics Benelux establishes a new distribution center in Moerdijk

Port of Moerdijk – Logistics service provider Yusen Logistics Benelux expands its logistics activities with a new distribution center in Moerdijk. The surface of the recently completed multi-customer warehouse amounts to approximately 30,000 m², plus another 800 m² of office space. Yusen uses an important part of this new ‘state of the art’ logistics operation especially for a large American client. Yusen is also moving the Benelux head office to Moerdijk to further expand its activities focused on the Benelux market.

Yusen Logistics is a large logistic service provider from Japan – with a total annual turnover of $4 billion – that is active in 44 countries around the world. Yusen employs approximately 24,000, spread across 567 locations worldwide and is active in road, sea and air transport. Around 700 employees work in 14 different distribution locations in the Benelux, that represent a total area of 180,000 m2. The Benelux head office of Yusen is currently still located in Ridderkerk, but will move this function to Moerdijk shortly. Yusen is already familiar with the West-Brabant region. For example, the company handles logistics for the pharma sector from their distribution center at Borchwerf business park in Roosendaal.

Reasons for choosing Moerdijk

Yusen will service the European market for the said American customer and ultimately opted for establishing in Moerdijk. Michel van Leeuwen, General Manager Business Development at Yusen states: “We have conducted extensive site research and have chosen the Netherlands based on our own information and benchmark information provided by Holland International Distribution Council (HIDC/NDL). Distinctive aspects of Moerdijk were ultimately the central location between the two world ports Rotterdam and Antwerp, the excellent accessibility and the multimodal infrastructure of the region, while the labour market study drawn up by the regional development agency REWIN showed that West-Brabant also scores relatively well in this area.”


The new Yusen warehouse is practically energy-neutral, with a very high level of sustainability, efficiency and security. In addition, the most modern facilities, such as high-tech heating and LED lighting systems, including a heat recovery and heat pump system, as well as solar panels, have been installed.


The successful arrival of Yusen Logistics to Moerdijk is also based on a good cooperation between the Holland International Distribution Council, BOM Foreign Investments and REWIN West-Brabant. During a foreign member trip organised by HIDC, REWIN made the first exploratory contacts in Nashville and highlighted the specific advantages of West-Brabant. Van Leeuwen: “The process then gained momentum in favour of West-Brabant.”

Source: REWIN West-Brabant

April 8th 2019

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