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Nieuws van leden: letter regarding virus outbreak


Due to the unexpected outbreak of Wuhan coronavirus, NDL/HIDC would like to work with CIPA to provide necessary support. NDL/HIDC would like to know if members can be of help to provide medical supplies to China to contain the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Since the first case was identified in early December in Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, more than 6000 people have fallen sick and at least 132 people have died in mainland China. In addition, there are dozens of confirmed cases in 17 locations outside of mainland China.

The fast-spreading infection has prompted Chinese authorities to quarantine several major cities. To stop the virus from spreading, there is a huge demand for medical supplies such as test kits, masks, goggles, medical gloves, and protective gear. Currently the demand for medical supplies is much higher than the supply across the whole country.

CIPA would like to get in touch with suppliers of medical supplies that can supply following products.

CIPA and their partners have direct logistics capacity that can help with the export of these medical items to China. The most urgent support we need is to gain access to the products listed above. In addition, we would be grateful if logistics service providers could offer domestic support for the transportation or/and storage in the Netherlands.

If you can connect us to suppliers of the required products, please reach out to Jasper Eggebeen of HIDC.

Jasper Eggebeen, Senior Supply Chain manager

Written by

Jasper Eggebeen

17 februari, 2020