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Cold Storage is “hot”!

Cold storage is “hot”

Stocked up your freezer already for Christmas? You’re not alone, more and more people stock up on supplies way beforehand just in case nowadays. Cold storage is “hot” so to speak. Sounds a bit corny, but it is no joke Covid has caused an explosive increase in specialized temperature-controlled supply chains. Want to make sure you’re not running out of storage space? Here’s what you need to know and do:

Like a spiral ornament

The pandemic has had a huge effect on cold storage capacity. In more than one way. On one hand you have Covid vaccines occupying storage facilities, but Covid also changed the Food industry. From people getting groceries delivered instead of going to the supermarket and stock up more, to restaurants setting up a delivery service. And, how ironic, because of the shortage, manufactures now reserve more storage capacity just in case. The whole temperature-controlled market kinda is like a Christmas spiral ornament. Never ending. Without the sparkles though.

The same customer satisfaction as Santa

Fortunately, the Netherlands is like your one-stop-shop when it comes to sparkly ornaments, I mean cold storage facilities and transport. From Amsterdam Schiphol’s Pharma Gateway to the Food Hub in the Port of Rotterdam or Venlo’s Greenport – the Netherlands has everything you need when it comes to a temperature-controlled supply chain. Whether you just need storage or help with bulk transport for the food sector or need a Logistics Service Provider (LSP) that can help with repackaging and direct-to-patient distribution of pharmaceuticals.

The Netherlands has a high density of LSPs providing extensive VAS & VAL services. This guarantees you the storage you need to not only stock up but also deliver on time. From turkey to vaccine. Good to know: rules and regulations are not the same as on the North Pole. Where Santa can drop of everything himself in the USA for instance, this isn’t the case in Europe when it comes to products from the Agrofood and Life Sciences & Health sector. Your LSP basically needs to be like the Elf on the Shelve: eyes and ears everywhere, making sure your entire cold supply chain is managed from the North Pole to the end-customer. Only than your product can get the sparkle needed to enter the European market.

Want to make sure you won’t run out of turkey? That, like Santa, you can deliver whenever and whatever is on your client’s wish list? And, following the latest trends (well Santa has been doing it forever), lower your carbon footprint by creating a more sustainable supply chain? Use The Netherlands as your gateway to Europe. Read our fact sheet and expert article with Eelco Schnabel from Lineage and Eric Willems from Movianto to know how to add the sparkle to your cold supply chain.

December 14th 2021

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