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About us

One-stop-shop for Dutch logistical expertise

About the Holland International Distribution Council (HIDC)

HIDC is a private non-profit organization providing free matchmaking services for logistics partnerships in Europe.

We are the first point of call for anyone seeking Dutch logistical expertise: outbound and inbound.

We are founded by the Dutch logistics sector and represent over 300 members, all with their own expertise and specialism in logistics. Our member base is divided into 4 types:

  • Logistics service providers
  • Facilitators to the logistics industry, like fiscal and law specialists, consultants, project developers, temp agencies, etc.
  • Infrastructural backbone of the Netherlands, like (air)ports
  • Dutch logistics hotspots (cities and regional development agencies)

Together we help international companies make a smooth entry into the European market through the region’s leading gateway, the Netherlands.

How can we help you?

Since the foundation in 1987, HIDC helped thousands of companies (both small and large) make the right choices regarding their European supply chain design. We help with different logistics issues like supply chain design, site selection, partnership selection, recruitment, regulatory, tax and legal implications of trade with the EU. Regulatory compliance is an essential part of international trade.

By involving HIDC, these companies have saved valuable time and money in the process and have been able to go for the best solution the first time. As such, HIDC has been able to make their entry to the European market much more efficiently and effectively.

A solid and transparent supply chain ensures hassle-free operations within the EU.

We have been doing this successfully thanks to our 4 main services:

  1. Advisory services
  2. Matchmaking
  3. Factfinding trips
  4. Assistance during implementation


All our services are free of charge, confidential and without obligation.

Advisory services

When you want to enter the European market you need advice from a trusted partner. We’ll advise you on European supply chain structures and help in defining logistics requirements.

Our logistics professionals will help you to find the right path to a successful entry in the European market and advise you on ways to minimize costs and efforts on your supply chain operations.

We provide the answers to your European supply chain challenges.


Based on your business needs, we can match you with reliable logistics partners thanks to our extensive membership base, years of experience and in-depth knowledge of European logistics.

We provide neutral advice when selecting a logistics partner.

Read more about our Free 3PL Matchmaking service

Fact finding trips

We can organize a fact finding trip in the Netherlands for you. During this research trip you get to meet potential partners who will introduce themselves and give you a tour of their company.

Assistance during implementation

We’ll assist you every step of the way. Now and in the future.

How other companies experienced our services

Every year we take on about 400 projects and every year we successfully partner around 100 companies with at least one of our members.

Would you like to know how these companies have experienced our services? View the testimonials here.

One-stop-shop for Dutch logistical expertise

HIDC is the one-stop-shop for international parties who have logistics-questions in its broadest sense. So, do you need advice on your supply chain? Do you want to make use of our matchmaking services? Do you want to collaborate with us? Or do you have any other logistics-related questions? Don’t hesitate and let’s get in touch!

Our services are always confidential and because we’re funded by our members and the Dutch government, we are able to offer our services free of charge and without any obligations!

View more about our services and methods in this video: