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Cross Border E-commerce

The Netherlands is your E-commerce gateway


Central location within the European consumer market
Reach 244 million consumers within 1000 kilometers
Excellent connectivity to all European destinations
Our world-class airport, top-ranked seaports and high-speed road, rail and broadband networks are second to none
World class fiscal and customs environment
A good business climate for an optimal European supply chain
Strong logistics base for e-commerce
Specialized Logistics Service providers
The competence and quality of logistics services
Acknowledged by being in the top of the World Bank Logistics Performance Index for years

The Netherlands, trendsetting in E-commerce supply chains

Doing business in the Netherlands is supported by regulations: best score in mainland Europe

Source: IMD World Competitiveness Online 2015

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E-commerce is booming. E-commerce revenue in Europe is expected to grow to 569,2 billion U.S. dollars in 2025. Don’t want to miss out? Use The Netherlands as your e-gate to Europe.

In 2020, European consumers spent US$425.2bn online (+US$71bn compared to 2019). By 2025, Europe’s e-commerce segment is forecast to reach almost US$570bn.

The key to growth in your e-commerce is setting up an efficient pan-European fulfillment model from manufacturer to delivery with short lead times, high quality performance and on-time delivery.

Most connected

How do I set up my cross border e-commerce in Europe, where do I set up my e-commerce warehouse in Europe and where do I set-up my European e-fulfillment center? Via The Netherlands, of course. We are the most connected country in the world. Europe’s three major e-commerce markets are to be reached by road within a few hours.

The Netherlands stands out in cross border e-commerce because of our extensive infrastructure and easy access to European overnight transport networks. Holland’s flexible labor regulations and late cut-off times give you a huge advantage in quick delivery. So when you need to know how to fulfill consumer orders in Europe or how to deliver B2C in Europe, The Netherlands knows the way.

Cross border business environment

When looking into how to set up e-fulfillment in Europe, Holland has high-quality e-fulfillment service providers to help you implement the best integrated supply chain; from courier providers to specialized e-fulfillment players that offer all services in fulfillment and warehousing in Europe. No wonder that we are the leading country when it comes to the top 10 fulfillment companies in Europe. The Dutch trading mentality and cross border business environment made many multinational companies establish their European logistics base in the Netherlands. Our highly educated, multi-lingual workforce and pro-business attitude in customs make for the best e-climate.

Don’t miss out in e-commerce; use The Netherlands as your e-gateway to Europe!

We are the most connected country in the world. Europe’s three major e-commerce markets are to be reached by road within a few hours.