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  • Blog
  • written by Jan Paul Olijslager
  • date 03.19.2024

Jan Paul Olijslager shares insights from his trip to the US

In early March, Jan Paul Olijslager visited the United States. On March 7th, Jan Paul was one of the speakers […]

  • Blog
  • date 12.14.2021

Cold Storage is “hot”!

Stocked up your freezer already for Christmas? You’re not alone, more and more people stock up on supplies way beforehand […]

  • Blog
  • date 02.18.2021

HIDC and Dutch logistics faring well in rough circumstances

It’s been busy at the virtual HIDC offices. No foreign travel, but online webinars, countless Teams meetings and matchmaking at […]

  • Blog
  • date 10.30.2020

Turbulent months ahead for logistics in Europe

The winter months ahead will be challenging for logistics and European supply chains. More and more European countries are re-imposing […]

  • Blog
  • date 09.08.2020

Impact of the Corona pandemic on gateway the Netherlands

Although July and August are traditionally slower in Europe as many Europeans celebrate summer holidays, we have only seen a […]

  • Blog
  • date 07.14.2020

What will the new normal look like in European logistics?

As summer holiday has started in many parts of Europe, highways and airports are slowly seeing more crowds of Europeans […]

  • Blog
  • date 07.02.2020

How to minimize risk in your supply chain?

It is a widely discussed topic among CEOs, COOs and supply chain managers, especially after a black swan event like […]

  • Blog
  • date 06.19.2020

Managing the crisis while another one looms on the horizon

Three months into the Corona crisis in Europe, the scale of it is starting to show. After the initial shock […]

  • Blog
  • date 06.09.2020

How will Corona change the European distribution system, part 2?

In the first part of our reflection on what may come after Corona for supply chains and the European distribution […]

  • Blog
  • date 05.19.2020

How will Corona change the European distribution system?

Last week, HIDC organized an online event with specialists from Erasmus University, ING Bank, research institute Panteia and Transport & […]