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  • date 10.11.2019

On September 1 2019 Anja Elverding joined the NDL Business Development Team as Senior Manager Supply Chain Solutions North America. […]

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  • date 06.20.2019

Nieuws van leden: Salesupply

[Wijchen, 18 juni 2019]: Salesupply, e-commerce partner op het gebied van cross-border logistiek en customer care, opent een nieuwe fulfilment […]

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  • date 05.15.2019

NDL/HIDC visits the Home Delivery World in Philadelphia

E-commerce continues to grow. That is why Ingrid has visited the Home Delivery World (HDW) in Philadelphia on behalf of […]

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  • date 02.15.2019

Port of Rotterdam

At 469.0 million tonnes, the port of Rotterdam’s total throughput volume ended up slightly higher in 2018 than in 2017, […]

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  • date 05.25.2018

NDL/HIDC enhances the Business Development team

On June 1st Jochem Sanders joined Holland International Distribution Council (NDL/HIDC) as Manager Business Relations and Business Development Europe. Jochem will […]

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  • date 03.01.2018

Holland Logistics Library

The Holland Logistics Library is a unique alliance of governments, knowledge institutes and companies / commercial organizations working together to […]

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  • date 03.01.2018

Mission to Atlanta and New York

From April 9 to April 20, Stan de Caluwe will visit Atlanta and New York. He will attend the Georgia […]

  • News
  • written by Justine ten Hoorn
  • date 01.14.2018

U.S. Department of Defense to store Spare Parts for F-35 aircraft in The Netherlands

The Netherlands will be storing all spare parts for all F-35 aircraft in Europe, as recently announced by the U.S. […]