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Testimonial PureWRX

PureWRX opts for the Netherlands

PureWRX is an American company that gives a new life to data center hardware. Through the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency in Atlanta, HIDC came into contact with the Austin, Texas company.

PureWrx manages the process for used and excess computer networking equipment to be refurbished, certified and offered for sale again, complete with manufacturer warranty.  The PureWrx approach extends the useful life of computer equipment, with OEM support to reduce the risk of product failure.   Telecommunications customers can use Certified Pre-Owned product to keep legacy networks in service longer, and manufacturers rescue inventory and components from likely scrap. Certified Pre-Owned programs eliminate waste and keep existing equipment at its highest utility, avoiding the environmental hazards of disposal.  PureWrx has regularly sold Certified Pre-Owned product to some of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, including members of the Fortune 100.
A crucial element of the PureWrx approach is the focus on end-of-life product, which is nearing the end of its sales lifecycle, but not its useful life.   End-of-life refers to equipment that is no longer being sold by the manufacturer but which customers may still desire to manage their critical networks.  Manufacturers might move on to a new product introduction, but they still likely have significant inventory and components of the end-of-life product, and they still provide tech support for these products.  Customers, in turn, often plan their move to new product separately from their need to maintain existing networks with the end-of-life models they already own.    PureWrx Certified Pre-Owned programs provide the benefits of the circular economy to customers and manufacturers by addressing this problem with a managed program for certification and sales.    In addition to providing economic benefits to both manufacturers and their customers, Certified Pre-Owned programs help the environment by postponing or avoiding the disposal of electronic waste.

HIDC together with the Dutch project manager convinced the American board that the Netherlands was the best option and suggested multiple possible partners from the HIDC network. The connectivity of Schiphol and the quality of the logistics services, which are used to organizing complex supply chains, were of great importance here. PureWRX, with support from local partners, manage complex reverse and forward logistics networks. The Netherlands has proven the ideal location for headquartering EMEA operations.

PureWRX explored partnerships with more than 10 Dutch logistics providers, ultimately choosing two Amsterdam-based firms.  The strategic alignment, and scalable capacity, support years of continued hyper-growth.

Michiel van Keijsteren, Program Manager – EMEA PureWRX B.V.: “During the process of our expansion to Europe, we have received excellent assistance in every step. Our initial contact with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) in Atlanta was very helpful and to-the-point. For our logistics set-up, they connected us to the Holland International Distribution Council (HIDC) and their assistance has proven to be instrumental. They helped us set the outline of our set-up and define requirements as well as organize visits to potential partners in the Netherlands. In the end we found the perfect partner in VCK Logistics that will help us grow our business in Europe and beyond. The Netherlands truly is a global hub for logistics and distribution, thanks to the connectivity, favorable business climate and the capabilities of the logistics industry. Navigating the potential is a breeze thanks to the support we received from NFIA and HIDC.” 

December 14th 2018

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