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European F-35 Warehouse Opening Ceremony

In November 2019 the first F-35 landed on Dutch soil. Woensdrecht will be the European central storage site for all spare parts of F-35 aircraft. Spare parts for over four hundred European F-35s will be stored, shipped and managed here. OneLogistics and the Royal Dutch Air Force warehouse are ready.

Smart logistics
The European Warehouse at Woensdrecht Logistics Center covers storage, shipment and management for the entire European F-35 region, including customs formalities and export permits.

Aiming high and special teamwork
“The F-35 is important for the security and freedom of the Netherlands and our allies. This requires world-class support. The Netherlands is a logistics powerhouse. We use this knowledge to offer a comprehensive logistics solution for the entire European F-35 region, generating employment and economic advantages for the area,” explains Commodore Richard Laurijssen, LCW commander. Rene de Koning, CEO of OneLogistics: “OneLogistics is delighted with the close cooperation and professionalism of the LCW 983 Squadron. Together we will streamline the F-35 program and pave the way toward growth in European chain integration.”

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December 5th 2019

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