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Free 3PL Matchmaking

Finding the right partner

Free 3PL Matchmaking


HIDC caters to your needs
Our logistics professionals will advise you on your European supply chain
We have a vast network of over 150 specialized logistics service providers
Let us know what you are looking for: we will connect you to the right partner
Excellent cooperation with the Dutch authorities
Our services are free of charge and entail no obligations
A constructive government approach to trade
Favorable business climate for an optimal European supply chain
The competence and quality of logistics services
The Netherlands qualifies as world-class on transport and logistics-related rankings

Free 3PL Matchmaking ensures a smooth entry to the European market

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If you are looking to enter the European consumer market, you will want advice from a trusted partner. Holland International Distribution Council will guide you toward an efficient and cost-effective logistics set-up for the European market. Funded by our members and the Dutch government, we are able offer our services free of charge and without any obligation to international companies and overseas exporters.

HIDC represents the Dutch logistics sector and ensures smooth entry to the European market for international companies through the region’s prime gateway: the Netherlands.

  • HIDC offers answers to European supply chain challenges.
  • Based on your specific requirements, HIDC will find the logistics partners best able to help you grow your European business.
  • Regulatory and VAT compliance is essential in international trade. HIDC works with a range of trusted experts, from large, well-known operators to specialized boutiques.
  • With that in mind, HIDC helps companies leverage their strengths to maximize their benefits.
  • A solid and transparent supply chain ensures hassle-free operations within the EU.

In addition, our experienced staff advises large and small companies alike on how to minimize the costs of operating supply chains on the European market.

We can help you find the reliable logistics partner best suited to your needs, thanks to our extensive member base, years of experience and in-depth knowledge of European logistics.


What kinds of Logistics Service Providers are in the Netherlands? How do I find the best logistics service provider (LSP) for my product? Which value-added services and what kinds of value-added logistics are available in the Netherlands?

Your ideal logistics partner is easy to find here, as the Netherlands has the highest concentration of European logistics service providers. Our sophisticated logistics industry comprises a wide variety of LSPs dedicated to specific industries (e.g., medical devices, chemicals, apparel, automotive products), activities (e.g., groupage transport, warehousing, parcel distribution) and geographic regions. Value-added services range from warehousing to legal support. When looking for a Dutch logistics service provider (LSP), your European third party logistics (3PL), 4PL or even 5PL, is at your service. In whatever sector you operate or whatever product or service you provide, Dutch LSPs offer the best logistics supply chain solutions for your company. HIDC will help you find the party that best meets your needs.

All our advisory services are free of charge, entirely confidential and without any obligation. Contact us now!

Our well-developed logistic industry consists of a wide variety of LSPs specializing in certain industries (e.g., medical devices, chemicals, apparel, automotive products), activities (e.g., groupage transport, warehousing, parcel distribution) and geographical regions.