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Blog: New Silk Road

New Silk Road

New Silk Road makes train attractive as a 3rd logistics modality 

Thanks to China’s 1 belt 1 road project there is an alternative way to get your products to and from Europe: by railway! Faster than ocean freight and less expensive than airfreight, your supply chain is given new opportunities to reach the biggest European consumer markets.

Fast access to European consumer markets

The new Silk Road is an interesting complementing modality being in between air- and ocean freight in terms of price and lead time. With the right connections, within two weeks your products can be in the Netherlands, right in the middle of Europe’s main consumer markets. With Holland’s extensive infrastructure of road-, rail- and waterways all major economic centers in Europe can be reached within 24 hours! This makes the New Silk Road interesting for e-commerce as well.

Mixed modality

There are examples of combining the rail connection with ocean freight via the Port of Rotterdam to reduce lead time towards the west coast of North-America. You now have more options for your supply chain and when mixing modalities your supply chain possibilities will become endless. Not only improving your lead time but also expanding your reach. With happier customers as a result.

Return freight to China

For return freight the new Silk Road brings an equally interesting modality to reach China’s fast developing hinterland. For the automotive and high-end fashion industry as well as specific products like wine and milk powder the rail connection from the Netherlands to China has proven to be an interesting alternative to air and sea.

Partner with network essential

Knowledge of local markets and an extensive network both in Europe and China are essential for an optimal use of this new modality. Something The Netherlands, known for its trade history, can help you with. Ensuring you an optimal supply chain being in the center of Europe’s main consumer markets, with excellent and extensive hinterland connections, world class customs, the no 1 airport and seaport when it comes to direct connectivity and supported by a highly educated and multilingual workforce and pro-business climate.

CILF, seminars and network events in China

Interested in how The Netherlands can help you optimize your supply chain? What the new Silk Road could bring you? Meet us and our specialized members at the CILF this October and/or during our seminars and network events in Guangzhou (October 9-10), Shenzhen (October 11-13) or Chongqing (October 14-15)! The seminars are open to a limited amount of people. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] when you are interested in one of our seminars or if you want to attend a network event.

The new Silk Road provides an exciting and interesting new modality. Make sure you hop on board.


Jasper Eggebeen, Senior Supply Chain manager

Written by

Jasper Eggebeen

September 10th 2018