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The Digital Economy: Sustainable Logistics & Supply Chains

Interactive Panel Discussion

  • date 06.12.2021
  • time 10:00
  • location Online

2021 has been another challenging year, in the wake of the pandemic there have been a lot of developments that influence global e-commerce, logistics, and supply chains.

Organized by Dr2 Consultants Shanghai and supported by Holland International Distribution Council, we will have an interactive session to talk about global e-commerce developments & trends, focusing on logistics & supply chains, and how the important topic of sustainability fits in.

There will be a more practical focus on Europe and China, to provide more information about the current state of affairs that will be interesting for businesses that operate cross-border.


Sara Lone serves as a lead research analyst at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, focusing predominantly on research topics related to the global digital economy.

Simon de Raadt is the VP Europe at HyperSKU, offering End2End service for local platforms and sellers supply chains with quality products, from sourcing to delivery.

Thiemo van Spellen is the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at DPD in The Netherlands, with big parcel service footprint in Europe, sustainability is a top priority through ‘We all share the #SameAdress’ strategy.

Tom Hoorn is the General Manager of Moov Logistics, a full service provider, covering warehousing, rail/air/ocean transport, contract logistics, e-commerce logistics and trade finance.

Arnoud Paans is the Logistics Development Manager at Schavemaker Logistics & Transport , providing logistics solutions from road and rail transportation throughout Europe and to China.


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Shirley Yan - Chinese contact HIDC

Shirley Yan

Senior Manager Supply Chain Solutions China

Sinds 17 februari 2020 werk ik voor NDL/HIDC als Senior Manager Supply Chain Solutions China.

Mijn kennis van de logistieke sector en mijn ervaring met het werven van buitenlandse investeerders heb ik opgedaan bij DE WISEN Consulting BV en Rotterdam Commercial Representative Office.

Ik woon in Chongqing (China) en zal van daaruit NDL/HIDC ondersteunen bij de ontwikkeling en opvolging van Chinese projecten.