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HIDC realizes 94 confirmed investment projects in 2019

In 2019 the promotional and matchmaking activities of Holland International Distribution Council (NDL/HIDC) culminated in 94 investment projects in the Netherlands by foreign companies (landings), of which 28 set up their own logistics outfit. Most of them (51) were outsourced to logistic service providers based in the Netherlands. In addition to contracts dedicated solely to logistics, NDL/HIDC mediated 15 contracts with other service providers (e.g. tax agents).

Sharp increase compared with 2018, outlook adjusted for 2020
CEO Remco Buurman: “Our results have improved considerably across the board. Landings totaled 94, significantly more than the 80 landings realized in 2018. Growth in the number of own branches was especially pronounced. NDL is also involved more frequently by the Invest in Holland network in setting up own distribution centers and production sites with a substantial logistics component. In 2019 incoming new projects increased by 35% compared with the year before. This growth is attributable to strong network development by NDL abroad, improved traceability of the website and more requests as a consequence of Brexit. In addition to these new business development activities, we have organized a great many events and shared knowledge on (innovative) developments in the logistics sector and have grown our membership by 7.1%. We are proud of these achievements! We will be scaling back our targets for 2020, however, because of covid 19, although we continue to receive quite a few new project proposals.”

United Kingdom strong climber
Over the past year new projects have increased in all regions, with the exception of South America. The strongest growth came from Europe. In 2 years new projects from the United Kingdom quadrupled from 11 in 2017 to 45 in 2019. New projects from the rest of Europe are increasing as well, thanks to website optimization and more intensive contacts with the embassies of European countries in the Netherlands. North America remains the strongest originator of new projects, with nearly 20% growth in the number coming from the United States. Growth in Asia was especially strong in Japan, rising from 20 new projects in 2018 to 38 in 2019. Brexit is an important driver, as is the new trade agreement between the EU and Japan. The number of new projects from China has remained the same.

July 8th 2020

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