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Incoming business mission from Mississippi

Doing business in Europe and European supply chain

On April 9th, Jan Paul Olijslager, Senior Manager Supply Chain Solutions at HIDC was one of the panelists during a seminar held in honor of an incoming business mission organized by the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA), USA.

The business mission consisted of several representatives of the Mississippi Development Authority and four companies from the state of Mississippi. The mission kicked off in Amsterdam where the Mississippi Development Authority hosted a seminar jointly with its local business partners. During this seminar, various organizations briefed the participating parties from the US on doing business in Europe, highlighting the differences between individual countries and markets in Europe, European laws and regulations regarding establishing an entity in Europe, taxation and VAT in Europe, and also provided insights into European subsidy programs.

HIDC contributed by sharing insights into logistics related matters. The participants learned about setting up a European supply chain, the logistical advantages that the Netherlands offers, and how HIDC and its partners can assist in finding a suitable logistics provider.

Following the seminar, there was ample opportunity to delve deeper into the questions from the participating companies and the representatives of the Mississippi Development Authority.

April 10th 2024

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