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Blog: Extra flexibility, better lead times and lower costs thanks to New Silk Road


Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)

The New Silk Road connects China’s hinterland with the European market, creating ample opportunities to expand your business to Europe. Thanks to this Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) you now have a third option to reach the European market. Cheaper than air, faster than over the ocean. Want to make sure you have the most efficient supply chain? Use the Netherlands as your gateway!

From train straight into warehouse
Using BRI to ship goods from Asia to Europe and vice versa has three specific advantages:

  1. It reduces lead-times. And with the Netherlands extensive infrastructure of road-, rail- and waterways and our high density of LSP’s it is even possible to unload directly from train into your warehouse!
  2. Depending on external financing? When transport goes faster, your finance and thus capital costs become lower. While your cash flow increases.
  3. The extra modality gives you more flexibility: for instance, by transporting your products via rail to Rotterdam and from there by boat to the USA.

Dutch investments into BRI
That the New Silk Road is just as important to The Netherlands as it is to China, was underlined by the visit of the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to China in April this year together with his Minister of infrastructure and Water Management.

Rail terminals are being built directly at railway junctions, and more and more belt/road initiatives are being set up by members of NDL/HIDC even building their own rail terminal in support of the New Silk Road. This way creating smooth connections between the modalities.

Rotterdam included
Rotterdam is included in the Belt and Road Initiative. Europe’s biggest seaport invests in connecting modalities and thus creating more transport and lead time options. Guaranteeing you the most optimized supply chain you desire.

While Amsterdam-Schiphol, Europe’s number 1 airport when it comes to direct connectivity, makes sure you have the most direct and thus fasted link to wherever you are shipping to.

All major economic centers in Western Europe are within 24 hours reach! (Read more about the implications and opportunities of rail freight transport between China and the Netherlands here).

Pro-business climate
The Netherlands not only has the most extensive infrastructure and highest density of 3PLs in Europe. It is supported by a pro-business climate with bonded warehousing and VAT deferment possibilities. The result: the most efficient supply chain to your European client.

Meet us
Want to know how to lower your lead times, financial and capital costs while increasing your cash flow and have more flexibility in your supply chain? Come meet us! HIDC is coming to China from October 8 till October 15! Tour data:

  • October 9/10 – Guangzhou/Shenzhen – Logistic seminar and company visits
  • October 10/12 – Shenzhen – CILF fair and network reception
  • October 14 – Shanghai – Company visits and network reception
  • October 15 – Hangzhou – Company visits and logistics seminar

We would be happy to talk to you and see how we can help you improve your supply chain. Want to attend one of the seminars, network receptions and/or set up a meeting, please send an email to Jasper Eggebeen.

From China to Europe – Your New Silk Road starts/ends in The Netherlands.

September 9th 2019

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