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Sequoia Solutions Group

Excited to be in the Netherlands

Sequoia Solutions Group Inc., a global distributor and key partner with one of the most recognizable global brands in consumer devices, has chosen the Netherlands as the destination for its European operations.

Sequoia Solutions Group’s business is buying and selling second-hand consumer devices in bulk, making it an important player in the cyclical economy – supplying consumers with high-quality used and refurbished electronic products.

Sequoia’s business model requires seamless coordination on receipting of product, high-value storage, and finally planning & execution of export. Arturo Osorio, one of Sequoia’s Co-Founders, said, “In Sequoia’s market the price of product fluctuates daily such that each day that passes is potentially a hit to the company’s financial results in the form of lower selling prices.

Therefore, it was imperative we find a 3PL partner who could execute all processes quickly & get our product on aircraft to final destinations, whether that be within Europe, the Middle East or other global locations. HIDC was instrumental in putting us in touch with multiple qualified 3PL partners in Holland. However, it was Geodis, with its team of experts and strategic location near Schiphol Airport, that was the right choice for us and they have proven themselves to be a valuable partner time and time again.”

With the move to Geodis, Sequoia has been able to cut lead time down to 1-2 days and has seen same-day readiness for shipment on product after receipt. This result was above our expectations, but is considered standard for the team at Geodis. We are grateful to HIDC’s team for being able to understand our business model and put us in touch with many qualified leads in the 3PL space. We look forward to continuing our success in the Netherlands and appreciate the assistance HIDC have provided to us in the process.

Robert Bron

Sequoia Distribution B.V.



August 30th 2022

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